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This page lists my current books in print and ebook format

Blood of a Traitor
Kay has no official family, no official name, just a gene line designation and a crappy future thanks to the Nassien Research Division. As the sole Terran genetic experiment in a Novan Marine outfit, her life is a never-ending conflict. When her Novan ship comes under attack from unknown assailants, she becomes a part of the dreaded Black March and an aide to the enigmatic Lieutenant Colonel Nassien. As the only world she’s ever known crumbles around her she no longer knows who to trust.

Read an excerpt.

In Keisha’s Shadow

Dumped by her high school sweetheart for not being out and proud, bi-racial Tori Kahl struggles with college life, her demanding mother, and the legacy of her dead sister, Keisha. Her only escape comes from her horse and her job at the stables. Then Ashley, the brash and flirty new boarder, shows up at the stables and not only challenges Tori’s top rider status, but shakes her world of self-pity as she copes with the ups and downs of growing up.

Read an excerpt.

Available in print, mobi/pdf and Kindle ebook

Face of the Enemy

Helena “Dray” Draybeck is a cocky military brat, and Jordan Bowers is the daughter of a high ranking ambassador. Both want to be top pilots when they finish fighter pilot training at a Terran military space station. Both live under the shadow of very different family legacies. Just when it looks like smooth sailing for their success as cadets and their growing attraction to each other, the Novans declare war. Dray and Jordan now have to survive an acceleration to active duty and a dangerous secret that threatens their happiness together. They learn that the enemy has many faces.

Available in mobi/pdf, and Kindle ebook.

Lavender Secrets

They say opposites attract. So when Math major Emma LeVanteur takes English Professor Nicole Davis’s class, the sparks flying between them should have meant an end to Emma’s romantic dry spell. Except that Nicole is straight. And engaged.

When Emma learns Nicole is getting married, she gives in to a moment of insanity and agrees to plan the wedding. All this crazy attraction can only lead to trouble . . . and who knows what else.

Available in mobi/pdf, and Kindle ebook.

I also have stories in the following anthologies:



  1. I read “Face of the Enemy” and loved it. Read it in just two days.
    I really like the story “behind” it. So for a little bit more details on the world of this tale, i would have done without a few scences (eg. the last scene when they are alone)… just because I liked the idea of this world so much.

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, I tend to agree with your take on the story. I’ve started on another in the series to explore the world(s) some more and hope to have less filler scenes in this one 🙂

  2. i like to read books wish i one cause it hard to fine here in my place….

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