Just finished Matriarch

Finished up Matriarch by Karen Traviss. As always, a great read. What’s not to love about a kick-butt female ex cop sent on an intergalactic mission who ends up flipping things (and people) on their heads? This is the third book in a series with a strong ecological theme.


Traviss writes a great main character in Shan Franklin, who manages to be both human and a bit more than human throughout the series. The author also creates a very believable alien culture that Shan interacts with throughout the series.

New SF Story Published in Spread the Love Antholgy

I’ve had a great experience getting Touch of the Traakyn published in the Spread the Love anthology from Ylva Publishing.

From story request through final edits, they were fun and educational to work with. And as a final icing on the cake, they put up an interview with me here.


This and That Thursday – Books From My TBR Pile

Playing along this week with Terri Bruce’s blog meme, here are the latest two additions to my to-be-read pile.

First off, I trolled through the Gaylactic Spectrum awards short list for some new books to read. I pulled off most of the list, but the two here are the ones I’m most interested in starting.

20140102-184126.jpg. The first is From Tanya Huff. I’ve read some of her Valor series and love them, so I’m starting to branch out now. You can’t beet solid writing and a great sense of wit and timing, and that seems to be a constant in her stories so far. The Wild Ways is a sequel to The Enchanted Emporium, a series revolving around a witch family. This one follows a secondary character from the first book.

20140102-190129.jpg For this one, I’m venturing to a new author, JA Pitts. The cover image drew me in. Then the blurb, which talks about a woman who is a modern day blacksmith, Norse legends… What’s not to like?

That’s my latest additions to the TBR pile. How about you?


Recommendation: Ascension


Read this book a few weeks back and thought it was an enjoyable science fiction story with strong black woman as the lead character. She’s also not your typical main character. She has a disability that affects her and the story in general. Thumbs up for a story that isn’t all white, perfect people!

Ascension: A Tangled Axon Novel

Blood of a Traitor is available now!

Well, it’s taken me quite some time, but finally, I have a new science fiction book out. Blood of a Traitor is out in ebook today and in print shortly.


Kay has no official family, no official name, just a gene line designation and a crappy future thanks to the Nassien Research Division. As the sole Terran genetic experiment in a Novan Marine outfit, her life is a never-ending conflict.

When her Novan ship comes under attack from unknown assailants, she becomes a part of the dreaded Black March and an aide to the enigmatic Lieutenant Colonel Nassien. As the only world she’s ever known crumbles around her she no longer knows who to trust.

Excerpt here

Comments on Shadowfall

Just finished Clements’ Shadowfall. It’s the first of a series (trilogy?) that I borrowed from the library because I liked the cover and cover blurb.

The story didn’t disappoint. While the pace started a bit slow, it did pick up to the point where I really wanted to finish the book. That definitely puts it in the readable category for me. I don’t want to give away the plot too much, but the gist of it is, there’s a Fantasy world where Gods are real, and live with the people of each province (land?). They have abilities that they gift to humans through their..ahem.. their bodily fluids (yeah, all of them).

The problem is, someone (or multiple someones) want to mess with this arrangement, and one of our intrepid main characters gets blamed for it all. There’s some interesting worldbuilding involved, and just enough description to keep from distracting from the pace.

There was one drawback I saw. The bad guys (the real bad guys) are just plain bad. There’s no reason for their behavior, other than evil. That to me detracted from an otherwise good book. It’s a personal preference I suppose, but if someone is bad/evil, I want to know why. What’s their point of view? What’s pushing them to that state, or what ‘good’ do they thing they are doing with this behavior?

Otherwise, it feels like there’s a layer of depth missing for me. Mind you, I can’t guarantee my own villians have the depth I look for in a book, but it’s something I’ll want to keep mindful of in my next story.

Reading Steven Erikson

I’ve started reading a new author, Steven Erikson. He writes some very complex fantasy. It’s a mix between warfare and politics with more tribes and cultures than you can shake a stick at. In case he has more than one series, this is the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, and it’s a very dark, grisly read.

Things I would love to emulate from him – the depth of the plot and the ability to balance so many characters.

What I’d prefer to to emulate – the level of gruesome and the drawn out nature of some of the action. So far, the stories aren’t so high on the redemption theme, either, but it’s a long series and I’m only on the second book.

The other joy is finding such a rich series that has soo many completed books :-).