If Kay had a Wishlist…

So, it being after Thanksgiving and time to gear up for the inevitable holiday wish lists, I thought it might be worthwhile creating one for my current favorite character, Kay, from Blood of a Traitor

Top on her list – a good exoskeleton:


She also wouldn’t say no to one of these :


And lest we think she’s all about the kill, something like this would make a great stocking stuffer:

Robot Girl



What do you think of multimedia for novels?

Reading JC Hutchins blog post on Multimedia and Storytelling and it got me wondering if multimedia is the future of storytelling.  In a nutshell the blog post talks about linking audio, photography/graphics, and even interactive websites with your story.  Loads of ideas there so go read the original post, but the ones that caught my eye:

  • Blog post or free online voicemail from one of your characters.
  • Audio version of short  stories (lord knows if I have the voice for it)
  • Graphic/comic book ‘scenes’ from the story (I don’t have the talent by my kid does.. might rope her into this one)
  • Scene reenactments w/ Lego characters (Face of the Enemy could be done this way 🙂
  • Scene reenactments w/ Barbies 🙂 ( that goes for Lavender Secrets…)

It all reminds me of how the LOST TV show had fake commercials, fake websites, hidden easter eggs in their episodes etc.  Made for a lot of fun (though a lot of extra work too!)