Hooked into Werewolf Fiction!

Just to show that blog tours and twitter marketing really do work – I’ve recently stumbled across multiple references to Naomi Clark’s latest book, DARK HUNT.  She’s kicking off a blog tour, and her publisher, QueeredFiction, has been doing a great job of keeping folks informed via twitter updates.

I saw the first twitter update, didn’t pay much attention.

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Saw the 2nd, and thought hmm… who is Naomi Clark…. but didn’t click the link.

By the 3rd or 4th, I caught a reference about werewolves and thought kewl, haven’t read a lesbian werewolf story yet.  So clicked the link.  Poked around her website some.  Went away.

Werewolf, by Rodrigo Ferrarezi

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Then saw the twitter update AGAIN.  And thought, I should go see if I like her writing.  So poked around some more… Saw it was the 2nd in a series.  So figure I need to get the 1st right?  Well, I stuck DARK HUNT on my amazon wishlist anyway.

Then saw the blog tour mentioned AGAIN, with a ‘free’ coupon for the 1st book.  So jumped on that for sure.

And finally, whilst pulling together the links for this post, I found her free story that introduces the main characters in her werewolf series.  Again, must read!

Anyway, all this to show how much repeat marketing it takes to get me to click a link and finally decide to make a purchase 🙂

ps – just noticed she’s from the UK.  I wonder if she writes with an accent?  (tee hee)

pps – Naomi – If you stumble on this post – do your other books have lesbian/queer content or just this series?!?  Inquiring minds want to know…

Ongoing thread on quality lesbian-themed fiction

This thread is starting a nice list of authors I need to get off my backside and actually READ!  This includes:

  • Emma Donahue
  • April Sinclair
  • Jeannette Winterson

and a scattering of books like The Fires of Bride and Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel books, and Larissa Lai’s “Salt Fish Girl”.

…and a whole thread on SF/F lesbian-themed books with too many recommendations to retype here!


Slowly embracing ebooks

So a few months back, I treated myself to an ipad. Beyond the fun video apps, I downloaded the major ebook readers (kindle, nook, ibook,).  (Had one other but hated it so removed it).  Since then I’ve been gathering free ebooks whenever I can.  Amazon has a list for the top 100 free ebooks (lower right side) and I scan that for interesting stuff.  Barnes and Noble also has a list of free ebooks and both these lists include modern books that are temporarily free for promotional purposes.

By far the best source of freebies for me is the SF Signal blog. They seem to find a free SF ebook about once a month, so that’s enough to keep me going so far. It’s also enough to make me realize i’ll actually pay for an ebook sooner or later. I’m enjoying the experience, and I know Bedazzled Ink has some great lesbian (SF and other) ebooks at good prices. (Yep, I’m still hung up on the notion that ebooks should cost less than their print counterparts…)

So, have you tried ebooks yet?  Love ’em? Hate ’em? See no point? Won’t buy until you can sell back as used or lend them out?

Book Reviews-good or bad?

I confess, I do read amazon book reviews probably more than any other site.  I know there are dedicated lesfic review sites , yahoo groups, and discussion forums, but it’s very hard to get a critical review from many places.  So for me, amazon is as good a place as any because there are multiple reviews/comments in one spot for a book.  And I skip those 4/5 star rated reviews altogether. I want to read the 3 star and under, because those are the ones that are going to reveal the warts… From that, I can gauge whether it’s the kind of warts that are going to bug me or not.  I’ve even passed up free kindle books based on amazon reviews cuz it’s obvious that the writing quality on some of them are poor.

I’m playing along with the #followreader twitter chat (it should be recapped here for those coming in after the event today).  A number of folks are mentioning GoodReads as a place to get book reviews/comments from.    For kicks I looked up Wolfsbane Winter by Jane Fletcher (what I’m currently reading).  I see ratings but no comments.  hmm.  Same book on Amazon has multiple reviews, with details that so far match my own reading experience.

..think I’ll stick w/ Amazon.


Added a few more short stories

I put up a few more short stories to the free ebooks page, and that concludes my move from the old website to here!

In a few hours, the http://www.sandrabarret.com domain name will point to this blog, and what a relief!  It’s sooo much easier to maintain than what I had before!

What’s New

This is my latest endeavor in the world of lesbian fiction (online, ebook, print, etc).

The first two pages are up – for my books in print and ebook, and a long but outdated list of lesbian fiction for or by authors of color.

Just starting this blog/site up so stay tuned as I add pages etc!