Working on next Terra/Nova novel

Now that I have finished various and sundry courses, I’m dusting off my next science fiction story and getting it into shape. This story is in the Terra/Nova world first introduced in Face of the enemy

My writing style seems to settle into writing all the action and dialogue first, and then filling in the sensory and descriptive detail second. I think I’ve managed it well so far, but time and readers will tell, eh?


Books: Smooth like Buttah, or thick n meaty?

I’ve been contemplating which book to read next, and I come to my usual delilema – am I looking for an easy read that goes down smooth, or something with more meat to it that will take time to digest, chapter by chapter?

Most of the lesbian fiction I read falls in the easy read chapter (except for Sarah Waters and Laurie J Marks of course).  And the MZB Darkover books are fairly easy reads, but then there’s C. J. Cherryh, who’s seldom easy but always worth that extra effort. And I recently discovered Karen Traviss’ Wess’Har series, whichhas some nice meat to it.

Part of my dilema is that I don’t own the next book (chronologically) in the MZB series and it’s on my xmas wishlist.  So I hafta shift gears and either jump ahead, or start reading someone else from now till the holidays.

So… got any recommendations in either lesbian fiction or SF books?