If Kay had a Wishlist…

So, it being after Thanksgiving and time to gear up for the inevitable holiday wish lists, I thought it might be worthwhile creating one for my current favorite character, Kay, from Blood of a Traitor

Top on her list – a good exoskeleton:


She also wouldn’t say no to one of these :


And lest we think she’s all about the kill, something like this would make a great stocking stuffer:

Robot Girl



Staying in Character

I managed 1.4 out of the 1.5k word goal. Not great but not bad. This week I’m bumping it up to 2000 words.

Meanwhile, I have a new challenge. I tend to write with one main protagonist. So that’s only one head I’m inside when I write. With this new story, I’m delving into two main protagonists. They’re stories intertwine, but seldom on stage at the same time, so to speak. To keep it easy on myself, I’m separating their POV by chapter. Somewhat rigid, I know, it I think it’ll help keep me on track.

I start the second POV character this week, so we’ll see how it goes! The trick for me will be to keep each character unique and in character. The benefit of one person POV is once you get that voice down, you carry it through the book. Now i’ll need to switch mindsets and voice each chapter,.

Wish me luck!