2013 Year in Review

Like every year, this one had its ups and downs. But since I’m in a PollyAnna mood, I’ll pick out the good highlights!

  • Blood of a Traitor was released, along with the rerelease of Face of the Enemy, and Lavender Secrets.
  • signed back up for Broad Universe, a group dedicated to raising the visibility of women in science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
  • discovered #ROW80 and its inspiration for writing more.
  • fed my addiction to a fairy tale TV show (yes, I’m counting that as a positive, even though I hope to limit said addiction in the new year as it can be a real time sync (tumblr, I’m looking at you here).
  • got more into google + and some great SF and writing communities there.
  • dabbled in flash fiction, though not nearly enough.
  • dabbled in fan fiction, more than I should have! Still, quite some fun.
  • Well, that was that! Here’s to more writing and fun in the new year!

    Oh, and to prove it all wasn’t fun fun fun, I’ll leave you with a highlight of my own stupidity…. Guess what didn’t fit in the car…



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