What I’m up to for 2013

It’s a brand new year! And that means time to roll out the writing and publishing projects for the new year.

This year, my main writing projects are in science fiction. My aforementioned WIP is space opera, a continuing exploration of the universe I introduced in Face of the Enemy. I’ve got two great new characters (Kay and Ayaan)* and the chance to explore this world from the Novan side.

I’ll be taking this exploration into a third SF book this year, with a goal to draft out this book by year end. This book continues the Novan side of things, with a deep dive into the Nassian Military power structure, and will see some interesting twists for the main characters.

On the publishing side, I have a Young Adult book out, (gratuitous image cuz I love the new cover)

and the print book should be published in early 2013. I also have aspirations to submit the SF WIP this year for publication.

So if all goes well, I’ll be marketing two new books and working on a third. High hopes indeed!

And to help me keep on track, I’ve been using the Forward motion writers site which includes some great motivational kick starts and ways to track progress in a very author friendly forum. I anticipate an active year for me in the writing world.
Especially if winter continues to keep hitting us with cold and snow. Nothing says stay inside by a warm fire than this:


*yes, named after Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Asra Nomani, the Islamic feminist.



  1. Looks like an excellent plan!

    I’m not seeing the YA cover, though.

    Welcome to the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour!

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