What do you think of multimedia for novels?

Reading JC Hutchins blog post on Multimedia and Storytelling and it got me wondering if multimedia is the future of storytelling.  In a nutshell the blog post talks about linking audio, photography/graphics, and even interactive websites with your story.  Loads of ideas there so go read the original post, but the ones that caught my eye:

  • Blog post or free online voicemail from one of your characters.
  • Audio version of short  stories (lord knows if I have the voice for it)
  • Graphic/comic book ‘scenes’ from the story (I don’t have the talent by my kid does.. might rope her into this one)
  • Scene reenactments w/ Lego characters (Face of the Enemy could be done this way 🙂
  • Scene reenactments w/ Barbies 🙂 ( that goes for Lavender Secrets…)

It all reminds me of how the LOST TV show had fake commercials, fake websites, hidden easter eggs in their episodes etc.  Made for a lot of fun (though a lot of extra work too!)


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